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Isle of Man Introduction

The Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency, but is not part of the United Kingdom.

The Island has its own parliament, Tynwald, which makes its own laws, social policies and sets its own taxes.

The Island is renowned and respected as an international financial centre. There are many reasons why the Isle of Man has earned this reputation – the keys ones are:

  • OECD “White List” – The Island was included on the OECD’s “White List” of co-operative jurisdictions in 2009
  • Standard and Poor's "AA+” Jurisdiction and Triple "A" by Moody's
  • International Plaudits – The Island’s financial industry has received many international plaudits including being voted Best International Financial Centre on several occasions by international financial magazines and associations
  • Financial Regulation – The Island is acknowledged to be one of the best regulated international financial centres, with the regulators working in harmony with the private sector
  • Diverse Economy – The Island has a diverse economy which includes; banking, fiduciary services, fund management, insurance, manufacturing, shipping, yacht and aircraft management and e-Commerce and e-Gaming
  • Favourable Taxation – the Island sets its own direct taxes with low personal taxation and highly favourable corporate taxation
  • Economic and Financial Infrastructure – The Island has an established and professional financial services sector including; banking, accounting, fiduciary, legal, insurance and investment companies
  • Communications – World class telecommunications and air and sea transport to major hubs in the UK and Ireland


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